The Importance of Data Security, Backup and Destruction

Data Security: Although this title suggests 3 topics, they all fall under the same category: Data Security. A breakdown definition for Data Security would include topics such as backups, erasure, destruction, encryption, anti virus protection(ransomware etc). All topics are essential to any business, small or large.

Data Erasing and Destruction

The biggest, and most often overlooked topic, is data destruction and erasure. We have worked with organisations who have spent sums of money to have professional teams come in and shred hard copy documents for them and then incinerate or recycle them. Often overlooked, failing computer hardware tends to be thrown in the bin. All those documents you’ve shredded are still there, soft copies, on your hard drive.

Even if your computer is being tossed out due to a failing hard drive, a company or business who has interest from spying parties should be aware that drive platters can be recovered and data pulled from failed drives. Often when a drive fails due to reasons other than bad sectors, the drive controller is the culprit. These can be purchased and replaced.

A service we offer here is total and 100% destruction of all data on hard drives. CD’s, DVD’s, USB Drives, Network Attached Storage Devices are all capable of holding data. We can wipe all these devices to ensure none of your data will ever see the light of day again. This is security.


Backups are essential to any and all businesses. This day and age, it is very easy to backup data but some are often overwhelmed by the processes involved. How many backups are enough? When do I backup? What do I backup? These are questions we will be able to answer for you. For one of our clients, we currently perform daily backups. Some might say this is a bit too much. For their purpose, it is absolutely essential. The data is backed up locally, remotely and on the cloud.

Almost all operating systems have tools for some form of backup. Furthermore, there are plenty of packages out there which offer much more power for backing up data. The options are endless and all solutions are catered directly to your business.

Data Security

In its simplest form, data security would include the protection of data. Whether it be from peering eyes, viruses, unauthorised staff/clients, we have a solution for you. Computers connected to any network are always vulnerable. The biggest weakness we have seen is data hijacking, or ransomware.

The video attached below gives a good idea of data security in the online world.

This was a huge problem in the last years. Data was encrypted with an unknown key. The process rendered some, if not all of a users files useless and they would only be unlocked should a payment be made for their release, hence the name Ransomware.

There are only two solutions for Ransomware: Prevention or Pay the ransom. Albeit, the best option is prevention. For this sort of virus to hijack your system, you would need to have executed a file which then ran scripts to encrypt your files. It would not only affect the local machine but it was powerful enough to spread through the network and to any attached storage devices. This points us back to our previous topic of Data Backups.


If there is a backup, the systems can be cleaned and the data between the latest backup and the ransomware would almost indefinitely be sacrificed(unless the ransom is paid). Systems would be cleared of the virus and data restored.

Ransomware is only one type of virus. It could be argued to be the most brutal though. Prevention is the key. We’re able to offer solutions to protect your business and also train your staff on how to avoid this from happening. Each day as Antivirus software and training occurs, remember someone out there is trying to get around your security measures.

More information on Ransomware can be found on the Wiki Page

Always be up to date and alert. IT Computer Systems are vulnerable but can be protected. There is a solution and prevention to all problems.

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