The New Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

samsung galaxy s9 s9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is here…

This was an article I anticipated to write prior to the phones release, it unfortunately got looked over and I forgot about it. None the less, we all know the S9 and S9+ have been out for some time now and the general consensus out there is Samsung hit the nail on the head with this one. It is a brilliant device. All users familiar with the Galaxy series of devices will feel right at home with this one…. well almost. The first thing I noticed is small features Samsung has decided to remove in this iteration of the device. The biggest thing is swiping left/right on messages to call or reply to contacts. I used this feature daily and it was just odd they decided to omit it.

samsung galaxy s9 s9+

The camera is brilliant. The quality is very high, the colours are rich and it performs well in almost all lighting conditions. I occasionally get a “lens dirty” message even though the lens is clear. All the old features and functions are there and I feel any phone enthusiast will be happy with the performance and quality of the camera. I especially enjoy the higher fps video recording. It gives videos a whole new look and feel, when you need it.

Skytech IT Solutions Samsung Galaxy S9

Security wise, the phone has built in hardware security called Samsung Knox. I don’t know the details of how it works but I believe it may prevent external software from writing instructions to the processor while it is operating.

Skytech IT Solutions Samsung Galaxy S9

The unlock mechanisms are brilliant. I personally use the Pin, Fingerprint and Iris/Face. I have not had an instance where the Iris/Face scanner has not unlocked for me. Even when the light is low, it picks up almost all of the time. The fingerprint scanner, located on the back of the device, is easily accessible. I would recommend the index finger of your primary hand. There is a downside though, when you want to quickly show the screen so you can skip a song in the locked menu, the phone will occasionally unlock. A little annoying but its not too bad.

Here are a few key points I won’t be touching on:

  • IP69 Water Resistance Rating
  • Expandable Memory
  • Wireless Charging(I do not like the wireless charger, at all)
  • Samsung Dex
  • Ultrafast CPU with Plenty of memory in both variations

I am very happy with my device. Samsung did very well. I would recommend this to anyone sitting on the fence.

I wish I finished this earlier and the way I wanted to but, better late than never!



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