You only need one IT Solutions and Service Provider – SKYTECH IT Solutions in Sydney

Here at SKYTECH IT Solutions our goal is to be the “one stop shop”. We have trained our staff in all fields, this ensures that we can complete all jobs, start to finish and with excellent results. We know how businesses operate. They all thrive for results. Let our support and services help your business gain the results you deserve.

As Information Technology expands, so do we. Services we’re capable of offering is ever expanding. While competitors sit stagnating, SKYTECH IT Solutions is determined to provide your business the support and service it needs. We’re your premium Information Technology Solutions and Service specialists who operate out of Parramatta in Sydney.

SKYTECH IT Solutions does not only cover professional installations for business and offices, we also cater towards personal home user. Our pricing is very competitive. We offer unbeatable rates for our services. If you have received a quote elsewhere, send it to us and let us see what we can do for you. We specialise in all office setups, from home to office. We understand the importance of having a reliable computer at home, whether it is used for work, school or leisure activities.

We offer the following services plus more:

  • Support via online channels, remote desktop or phone
  • IT Security
  • Software installations, maintenance and support
  • Hardware installations, maintenance and support
  • Support Plans for ongoing maintenance and support
  • Data recovery services
  • Computer Networking Services
  • Local and cloud data storage setups
  • Antivirus Solutions and Virus Removal, including malware, spam etc
  • Redundant hardware removal and recycling service
  • Onsite work
  • Professional and Secure Data Erasing, Destruction and Backup

It doesn’t end with hardware and software. One of our latest focus points now is reducing the carbon effect of old computer hardware on the environment. We at SKYTECH IT Solutions are capable of removing obsolete and redundant hardware and ensuring it is disposed off correctly. This would include recycling, re-purposing and proper disposal. If your business has old or failing computer hardware than you need taken away and removed, we can do this. Before disposing your old hardware SKYTECH IT Solutions will ensure that all appropriate methods are taken to delete any and all of your old company records. This will ensure no data is retrievable by any other party, ever. Data destruction is essential to ensure business security and privacy. This is often over looked when removing old hardware but we ensure that all data will be destroyed. This is why we’re your number one IT Solutions and Support provider in Sydney.



Website Design and Development

Our team is capable of building your personal or business website and providing ongoing support. SKYTECH IT Solutions senior IT specialist is qualified in web development. You can ensure that the website we build for you will be fast, secure, responsive and professional. We’re able to provide on going support as well as remote and onsite website training so you and your team can learn the in’s and out’s of website management.

We always ensure we’re up to date with the latest technology. We’re confident that with every job we take on, we will complete that job with 100% satisfaction. Aiming at personal and small businesses, our pricing is very competitive. We can work out the requirements for your business then come up with a competitive price. There will be 0 hidden fees. What we quote is what we charge. We can help you find the right web host for your personal or business website. Our websites are built on the WordPress platform but we can custom design, slice and build pure HTML websites.