UAV Photo/Video

SKYTECH IT Solutions now offer Aerial Drone Photography and Video services in Sydney and surrounding regions. Our operator has been building, flying and racing drones for over 3 years. Our operator is CASA ARN approved to fly sub 2kg drones for commercial use.

Offering very competitive rates, our service provides you with very high quality photo’s and video. Our drones are capable of 4K resolution with excellent colour and quality. We are covered for $100,000 public liability insurance and we ensure maximum safety of all surroundings. We guarantee the quality of our work and the attention to detail. We will work along side with you to ensure we get the shot you need.

Private Use

Need a drone for an event or private use? Our team is happy to help.

Residential and Commerical Real Estate

A unique view of your property will give an engaging new point of view to potential buyers.

Construction and Strata

With our eyes above, we can generate footage for your portfolios or help you see something from above. Progress shots for new developments gives a truly unique view.

Property Inspection

A drone can cover big areas quickly and high areas safely. Our drones can check your assets and your property in great detail and return quality photos and video.

Please be aware of the below restrictions and rules our operator must adhere to:

  • Line of sight flight only
  • Daylight Hours only
  • No higher than 120m
  • No flight within 5.5km of any airports and controlled aerodomes
  • 30 metres away from people
  • No flying above populous areas(roads, parks, beaches)

For more information, please visit our website